I am familiar with the POD business model only because of a friend of mine, JT, getting his own book recently. I have know known him for years & he never struck me as the type to write a book. He was dating my sister when I first met him. He did landscaping & pool design here in Las Vegas. HE is a pretty smart character but he never struck me as the type that’s all. He used to hire guys who helped him out when he has a job & he would make good money when he worked but he never seemed very motivated to continuously work. It seemed he would finish a job & wait until the money was already gone from it before he would even start looking for another one. He always seemed to be working on catching up because he never got ahead.

Eventually, my sister married him. I remember thinking what a lucky guy. He sure will be happy if he can manage to make her happy. She’s the real go getter type. She gives talks to business people about how to run their businesses. Often her advice works, she’s even done a few conferences on entrepreneurship. Anyway…he actually got his act together for a few years after that. It seemed like marriage & a family would be good for him. Responsibility is a hard pill to swallow though & it did not take much time before JT was back to slacking. You see it turns out this has been a perpetual issue for him through the years. He has always had a whole lot of potential but he refused to be proactive in fulfilling that potential. Once he started back down the path of least resistance & began only working enough to barely survive again things went downhill quickly. My sister had a very young child when they got married & he had grown up looking up to JT so she was not in any rush to leave JT as the time. She continued to try pushing him towards better things he continued to drag his feet.

Eventually, they spent much of their time arguing & not getting along at all. He was non reactive to her requests that he take action in order to improve their life. He looked at her requests as nagging & saw no problem with the way they were living. The disagreements grew & eventually they were at each others throat what seemed like all of the time. It was visible that the marriage was over long before they made it official. I do not blame either of them & I think they both just grew in different directions. They blame must be passed around. Once my nephew was in high school & could understand what was happening she left him. This finally gave him what he needed to write a book which he self published.

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