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Some of our members and readers were customers of the drapery and upholstery merchants associated with the old website. For many years, the loyal customers purchased silk drapes and curtains from dreamdrapes.com, with coordinating upholstery, throw pillows, and rugs. Be aware there are several types of silk drapes. You can buy pre-made silk drapes or you can have them custom made. Custom crafted silk curtains look and feel luxurious. Because they are custom made you never have to compromise on length or width. You can also choose a 95% blackout lining for additional protection, warmth and noise reduction. Selecting blackout lining eliminates all unwanted light from entering the room whether it is sunlight or a street light. Blackout lining makes silk drapes perfect for bedrooms or areas with a significant amount of natural light. Those who were searching for the original promo area or custom drapery and interior design resources be advised that those areas no longer exist. We recommend you do a geo google search for interior design or silk drapery suppliers, or find a interior design local store that can advise you.

In the interest of keeping the information available to those who may benefit from it, we have retained what was once published on the “About US” page of DiggoryPress.com (affiliated also with Exposure Books, Meadow Books, Kingdom Come Publishing, Author’s Chance Ltd., and possibly others as well).

Keep in mind that none of this information may be current at this time, and that we are not withholding any telephone numbers or additional contact information not shown here.

UK Office admin address-

Diggory Press Ltd

Three Rivers




PL14 5LE


email: [email protected]
Company number – 5755720
Reg Office: N+P House, Derrys Cross, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2SG

Registered in the UK at Companies House, London

Company VAT Reg. Number – 892 853 965

UK pound sterling bank account –
Bank: Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank

Bank Address: Bridle Rd, Bootle, Merseyside, England, GIR OAA

a/c name ‘Diggory Press Ltd’

a/c 04608135

sort 72-00-00


IBAN: GB10GIRB72000004608135

USA office –
Diggory Press Inc.,



USA, 85338
(Do NOT mail anything to this address, please email only)
email: [email protected]
Registered in Maricopa County, in the state of Arizona, USA
US dollars bank account –

Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank

Branch: 1370 N Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, Arizona

a/c name: Diggory Press, Inc.

Routing Number: 122100024

Account number: 737202663

** Update **
The country went through a very hard economic situation for some time. Many print on demand businesses closed because of this or other factors. It is entirely possible that the originator of this site may have closed their doors at any time in the past. We are just not aware. With a little research you will probably have some luck in ascertaining their fate. We are not familiar with the people who ran it & we do not vouch for their character. We maintain this site with the ideal that the information contained with in the pages may be useful & it may be searched out at some point. We do not have any updated information about the original authors current whereabouts. We can not pass them along any information & have no idea where to start looking. Please consult another source if you want any of the previously mentioned information.

We do appreciate our readers & hope the information comes in handy for future reference. Please watch here for additional information in the future.

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