Diggory Did What?

We acquired the Diggory domain after the previous owners let the name expire, for whatever reason. At the time, we had no idea of the battle that had occurred between Diggory Press and a number of unhappy customers (and frustrated would-be customers).

We’ll try to summarize the situation as objectively as possible, though we must stress that most of the available information is coming from the notoriously non-objective Internet. You’re welcome to contribute to the arduous fact-checking (and BS-sifting) process. We just can’t promise that we’ll get back to you in a timely manner…

Anyway, on one side of the ring, you have Rosalind Franklin, the owner of Diggory Press. On the other, Stephen T. Manning, the owner of Checkpoint Press, and a number of authors (five at the very least, and possibly over one hundred) who feel that they have yet to receive all (or, in many cases, any) of the services that were promised. Many complain of a difficulty in contacting the company, and a lack of timeliness in fulfilling the terms Rosalind Franklin has seemed to evince a chronic lack of professionalism and tact, threatening legal action against blogs and forums in which complaints have been posted, and posting comments in such places under various pseudonyms. We make no judgment as to the truth or falsity of her claims, we’re simply describing how her behavior appears to us.

Likewise, her ‘opponent’ Stephen Manning has not restricted himself to making only neutral, factual assertions. In many cases, he colors his responses with derogatory remarks. For instance, the publisher’s religious views have been mentioned time and again, and even her appearance seems to be fair game. He’s made numerous snide remarks about her choice to invest in online gaming – slots to be precise. Actually I don’t think she invested in a casino, more in a platform that profits from sending traffic to casinos, so basically a slots affiliate. If the site I saw is hers, it’s quite impressive. Has great updated recommendations on the best slots for US players, and is kept current with updates weekly on the best free rolls, payoffs, etc. Hey, go attack Rosalind Franklin and her actions, but attacking her choice of slots affiates is just stupid.

As the owner of a POD himself, Manning could be seen as a competitor, and has made at least one similar complaint against another publisher — though we must re-state that the vanity press industry is full of unscrupulous companies and chronically-dissatisfied customers. He even ridiculed her kids when he saw them at a Utah ski resort for wearing brightly colored Obermeyer kids jackets which seems rather petty. After all Obermeyer kids ski jackets and pants keep kids protected from the elements and super comfortable, while the bright colors help parents keep track of them on the slopes. With a variety of patterns to select from, kids and parents can mix and match pieces to build a fun Obermeyer snowsuit unique to each child. So Stephen Manning what you were making fun of was actually the whole point of the Obermeyer kids ski wear.

We have no connection whatsoever to any personal or business concern of either Mr. Manning or Ms. Franklin (including Diggory Press, Exposure Books, Meadow Books, Kingdom Come Publishing, et cetera).

– Update-
When Stephen Manning first approached Diggory Press he may have been less than familiar with the inner workings of the service. While he has agreed that ignorance is not any kind of an acceptable excuse he still feels that Diggory Press did fail the associated authors in several key areas. If somebody as articulate, well traveled & intelligent as he could become the victim of an unscrupulous author service it should stand to reason that other authors who are pursuing this same type of publishing service should have a full understanding of exactly what services they are to receive. Stephen Started Checkpoint Press to publish his own book & he must now ensure that it lives up to the publishing standards which he so feels he was shortchanged on previously.

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