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The following is presented verbatim from a previous version of the Diggory Press website. The current owners of this site offer this information as reference, and do not offer any of these services. To the best of our knowledge, no existing company is currently going by the name Diggory Press, and therefore the below services may no longer be offered, or any of the following details may have changed.

Self Publishing Services

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-(A) Bronze Package for authors or publishers – no Distribution

-(B) Bronze Package for other publishers – with distribution

-(B) Bronze Plus Pk for authors – with Distribution

-(C) Silver Package, distribution, typesetting & cover art

-(D) Gold Package, distrib, typeset, art & lifelong returns

-(E) Diamond Pkge: distrib, art, typeset, returns, ebook & 75 bk

-(F) Platinum Pkg – distrib, typeset, art, premium royalties

-(G) Rhodium Pk: complete works, premium royalties & max control

Annual Digital Fee

Basic Cover Design – FRONT COVER

Basic Cover Design – REAR COVER

Book Revision – Text or Cover

Budget Cover Design by graphic design team

Change in retail price or discounts

Cover Art by professional artists – unique one-off cover designs

Diggory Gold Distribution

EBOOK Publishing

Formatting or Typesetting – Professional Text Layout Service

ISBN Number & Listing Service

Royalty statement

The internet is full of new information. Some sites are not so helpful, others are definitely a wealth of knowledge. When I rented a house in Las Vegas for a month so I could do some research for a travel blog focused on casinos around the world I was about to create, the owners of the house told me to order water from a local company called Tahoe Springs. It turns out this water company handles water delivery for both businesses and private homes throughout the Las Vegas area. I looked up their online site so I could learn more. They offer fresh purified drinking water or natural spring water, as well as alkaline water. Who knew there was such a variety of “regular” water. I ended up getting a weekly delivery of their Mountain Spring Water which supposedly flows from a 3,000 year old source up somewhere in the mountains. That sounded pretty cool. Supposedly it revitalizes your body with minerals and is naturally Sodium-Free. I felt revitalize, but that might have been because I was spending a month in Las Vegas visiting and revisiting different casinos every night. I planned on using my travel casino blog as a steping-stone to eventually writing a book in a year or two. It’s exciting. Whether I get a book deal or self publish remains to be seen.


There are classes available to help you learn secrets about how to self-publish your book successfully. Learn to ensure your book is the best book that it can be. Learn to evaluate then choose your service providers, Learn when it is best to use a pro instead of do it yourself, learn to avoid the expensive mistakes some people make & maximize you odds of getting the book sold once you have it published.

The content of these courses will be varied but some good basic points of interest should be:
– How, given the current publishing landscape, independent authors and self-publishing fits into the picture.
– The pre-requisites are required for publishing yourself.
– Publishing e-books and selling them online. Which includes pricing, formatting, selling & all of the major distribution sites.
– Publishing in print, small print runs & printing on demand.
– Evaluating services for self-publishing.
– Costly mistakes to avoid.
– Budgets & Timelines.
– Psychological aspect & Mindset
– Marketing Tips.

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